Ritual has always been one of the most rewarding parts of our sorority. Never changing, each new member and sister over the past fifty years at Nicholls has gotten to know the secrets of this sorority.

You’re invited to come share this special bond with us as we initiate the new member class of 2018 into the Kappa Alpha chapter of Delta Zeta.

Initiation will begin promptley at 6:00 PM in the NSU Ballroom. Please be there ahead of time. 

Attire is Badge Attire Whites: 

· General membership and alumnae wear white dresses or white skirts and blouses. (Clothing must be white-white, not ecru, not off-white, not winter-white). Trim and buttons are to be white. No silver or gold trim, stitching or buttons are appropriate. No visible zippers are allowed.

· Dresses should be suitable for daytime wear (no shorter than fingertip length) and not be formal wear. No pants/slacks are to be worn. 

· All white shoes (heels or thick sole must also be white) with natural (nude) or white shade hose are worn. Toeless or open-toed hose are not to be worn.

· All white “no-show” or “low-cut” anklet socks (with no more than a 1” band) may be worn in replacement of white shoes, and must be clean and appear new.