Lamp Lighting

Help us celebrate our newest new member class as they begin to accept and pledge their loyalty to the sisterhood of Delta Zeta!

Lamp Lighting will begin at 6:00 PM in the Plantation Suites located in the NSU Ballroom.

Attire will be Badge Attire: 

· Dresses and skirts should be of fingertip length to modestly cover the top of the thighs. Dress pants or slacks may be worn.

· Straps must be three finger widths wide. (cover with cardigan if not)

· Dress shoes, including pumps and sandals, are permitted. Slide on sandals should be dressy, preferably with a heel. Flat sandals should have a back strap to hold it onto the foot. Dress boots may be worn.

The following are not allowed: Rompers, Spandex dresses, T-shirt dresses of any length, “Mohawk” dresses (sheer short in front long in back with mini length lining), backless or strapless dresses, jeans or jean-cut pants or skirts, any denim clothing, shorts, capris, long shirts/sweaters over leggings or tights, jeggings, sweats or work-out wear, bare midriff, flip flops or rubber shower shoes, slippers, Ugg-type boots, rain boots, cowboy or work boots.